2021 Application Innovation Award Nomination: Davidson College: Keeping students safe with Covid-19 surveillance tracking

What were the underlying reasons or business implications for the need of application integrations? Describe the business and technical challenges the company was facing and how application integrations can help.

How to automate a Covid-19 symptom and testing tracker that would ensure compliance.

Describe your application innovation strategy and how you executed the strategy. Include details on how SnapLogic played a role in the strategy and execution, including Snaps and other SnapLogic products/features.

Using Kuali Build, a low code form and workflow automation platform for higher ed, they connected to SnapLogic to integrate Kuali with other applications to create a unique Covid-19 test and surveillance tracking system. To use the system, those getting tested would swipe their identity card, which triggered a task to complete a web form with their information. IT developers used a series of SnapLogic pipelines to populate a secure Redis cache with relevant directory information and PII for students, faculty, and staff. By querying that cache, the testing form was able to match each student or employee’s card identifier to their testing information in under 100 milliseconds. Upon form submission, another SnapLogic pipeline sent the matched results to a reporting database. A final set of SnapLogic pipelines enabled a robust compliance and reconciliation process, producing a list of students who should have tested but didn’t, shouldn’t have tested but did, and so on. When combined with symptom tracking data in a dashboard, the attendance tracking process allowed public health staff to make data-driven decisions, follow up on outliers, and keep the campus safe.

Who was and how were they involved in building out the solution? (Please include the # of FTEs, any partners or SnapLogic professional services who were involved on the implementation)

IT staff of 40, and some auxiliary IT campus partners

What were the business results after implementing these application integrations? Describe how your company, departments, and/or employees/customers benefit from the application integrations. Include any measurable metrics.

77,000 Covid-19 tests completed
They were able to automate the process to the degree that it took 50 seconds
for a testee to check in, get tested and exit, further minimizing potential exposure to Covid-19.