2021 Business Impact Award Nomination: Adobe: M&A Data Archival Solution

Describe your business and technical use case(s) and the challenges the business had.

As a part of M&A integrations, Business plans to decommission the acquired business data systems. But the data that was originally created on the acquired systems still needs to be archived and retained for business continuity and risk mitigation.

Describe your strategy and execution to solve the business challenge. Include details on how SnapLogic played a role in the strategy and execution, including Snaps and other SnapLogic products/features.

M&A Data Archival Solution Pattern addresses the need for archival and retention business data by suggesting a standard solution approach using the approved solution components. The solution pattern enables archival and reading only the use of the data while ensuring the security and privacy of the data.

Technologies that ease the M&A Process are:
• SnapLogic for middleware
• PowerBI for reports
• SQL Server for storing data
• Sharepoint for storing secure file/attachments
• RPA for downloading files/attachments

SnapLogic has an extensive snap collection, and hence forth this solution can be easily repeatable to other domains.

Snaps :
NetSuite and flow snaps.
Custom solution: Elasticmapper automatically adds new fields based on incoming documents ( indexing a document) & config provided to the flow. We will add fields to the top-level mapping and inner object and nested fields.

Who was and how were they involved in building out the solution? (Please include the # of FTEs, any partners or SnapLogic professional services who were involved on the implementation)

Adobe Team

What were the business results after executing the strategy?

This solution is cost-effective, scalable, repeatable and expandable to other domains. Avoids the High cost of retaining multiple systems for each acquisition for the archive. The current dollars are saving in a million, and as this is repeatable, we have more plans in the pipeline.

What was the ROI you gained from executing the strategy? Include any additional measurable metrics (ie. productivity improvement, speed improvement, % reduced manual inefficiencies, etc.)

Increase in velocity of system decommissions and cost-saving.

Anything else you would like to add?