2021 Data Innovation Award Nomination: Northgate Markets: Process data and transactions from 40+ Point-of-Sales

What were the underlying reasons for the need of data? Describe the business and technical challenges the company was facing and how data integrations can help.

Manual data entry and process interventions delayed time to insights

Describe your data strategy and how you executed the strategy. Include details on how SnapLogic played a role in the strategy and execution, including Snaps and other SnapLogic products/features.

Automated app integrations and EDI helped streamline faster order processing and supplier onboarding

What were the business results after achieving this data strategy? Describe how your company, departments, and/or employees/customers benefit from the data, and include any measurable metrics.

  • SnapLogic has delivered orders from stores to Northgate’s distribution center, effectively reducing the number of missing orders a day to zero.
  • made dramatic improvements to the company’s EDI/B2B integrations. As a result, they’ve created a path to sales generation that was not previously available.
  • No data loss in order processes from each POS to distribution center