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Tasks are a way to execute your pipelines using a fixed schedule or by accessing a URL. Submit questions or comments here related to Scheduled, Triggered, or Ultra Task Pipelines.

Can you pass a parameter to the Task URL?

Yes absolutely.


Read the document for built-in parameters and how to capture them.

Any pipeline parameter you define can be captured through TASK parameter
through URL.

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how to create ultra task with http url…the url generated for my task gives no response

Cab we schedule a pipeline by accessing a URL? Is there any API which we can expose for scheduling pipeline

@robin, For a triggered task, How many calls it can handle at the same time. Will it do parallel processing? If so Why Ultra Task is there if Parallel processing is present in Triggered task. Or is there any limit in Triggered task that it can process only n records(n must be finite here) if Ultra it can process infinite. Please clarify on this.