Accented characters not being interpreted


Project to move software environment to a new servers. Moved pipelines, accounts, tasks to a new server. The automated load process utilizing csv does not interpret accented characters properly.

Have looked at the setup of the pipeline and it looks ok (it is an exact copy)

Original input: ABC DEF 11.3 GHI
Notepad ++: ABC DEFxA0 11.3 GHIxA0
csv in excel: ABC DEFà11.3 GHIà

Although it appears normal, there are a couple hidden characters. I believe the xA0 characters are Latin-1 encoded characters that were somehow included in the input file.

the end result is an error that has change the original to
ABC DEF??? 11.3 GHI???


Compare the characterset of the server where the snaplex lives in the old env vs the new env.

Issue was java setting file.encoding on one of the node