Account Ref Functions in SnapLogic to refer credentials?

We have a requirement to pass credentials from external applications like centrify to our API calls.
Instead of External, can i create a Snaplogic account and refer the password of that account using a ref function in the API call. In this case i can get rid of extra layer (Centrify).

Ex API -

Step1 : API call to Centrify application to get the secrets and map the credentials to below Reltio API call"+$username+"&password= 1”+$password

Instead, i would like to create an account in Snaplogic and use account in Reltio API call“Snap Acct Uname”+”&password=“Snap Acct Pwd”

This appears to be a duplicate post: Do we have Account Ref functions in Snaplogic to refer credentials?

Also see Passing credentials in JSON body to authorization endpoint