Account was not found when creating custom Account

Hi All,

I am recently picking up custom snap development and am beginning now to create my own custom snap pack. the project I am creating involves a custom account view and a custom snap. I have managed initially to create the custom snap with fully hard coded values and this appeared to work when deployed to my org however. I am running into trouble when adding the account.

the account appears within the projects account perspective and i am able to add it, however when dragging in the custom snap it complains the account cannot be found, I am also unable to add accounts via this method also.

I have finally tried removing my custom snaps and using the sample ones provided however I am now getting the same results with these also. (I had previously deployed all sample snaps and these appear to be working).

Wondering if anyone has encountered this error before or can offer any suggestions as to what may be going wrong.

Many thanks,