Add 2 parameters in WHERE CLAUSE in Oracle Select

I’m trying to put 2 parameters in Where Clause in Oracle Select with “and”
Below is my pipeline parameters. I put some values between ’ ’ (I don’t have to put it)

Below is my pipeline and Mapper settings

Below is my Oracle Select settings

I created trigger task, but when I put BEC_NAME and Prodcut_segment with Bearer_token, I don’t see data

I think this is caused by my where clause in the Oracle Select. Can you please help me?
FYI, I was successful to pull only 1 parameter (BEC_NAME)
Thank you

@yes1819 Yes , your has syntax issue it took $product_segment as value.It will be something like - “BEC_NAME=’” + $BEC_NAME + " and PRODUCT_SEGMENT=’" + $PRODUCT_SEGMENT+ “’”

Thank you Supratim,
I tried, but got below error message

Hi @yes1819

Put this in your Where clause and try:



Thank you Igor.
Now, I got this error

Hi @yes1819

Now, I see you have two single quotes for $BEC_NAME and $PRODUCT_SEGMENT. If those variables already have single quotes, then you shouldn’t add single quotes in the where clause expression


or try this with the expression toggle (= sign) of the where clause turned off:


If you still have issues, then try using the “Oracle - Execute” snap. Give it an input/output View and write your own SELECT statement combined with the variables (dynamic expression - SQL statement)