Aggregate Snap

Hi ,

I was trying to extract repetitive string from the source using aggregate snap by specifying count condition and filtering for the count>1 . I don’t get the desired output instead it fetches only unique elements . Can someone suggest any alternative which could be adapted to achieve the above method.

Source mapper:


Aggregate snap and its output:


@Harsha3, the GROUP-BY fields created a uniqueness for each record where their combination is unique, so the count of Veeva_Prid won’t aggregate in those cases. I think you will need to remove the Veeva_territory and User_Active fields from your GROUP-BY section to get the counts you expect.
However, you will lose the other output fields. So, if you still need those downstream, you will need to join them back in (with maybe a pre-aggregate copy and post-aggregate join).

Thanks a lot Del it worked