Allow admin to set org's default time zone for the entire org


We’re are located in US-East. So, every time we’re using a date in a snap (i.e: mapper), it defaults to Pacific time-zone. Should it be possible to allow administrator to set the global timezone for an organization so that every snap and task timezone default to it? This would be very useful and eliminate the need to set a timezone every time you’re creating a Task.

Please let me know if this makes sense.

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The various snaps will use the time zone setting of the Snaplex/node with which you are executing the pipeline. The UI itself will render things in the local time of the machine/browser you are on when logging into SnapLogic UI.

Is the Snaplex you are using located with a Pacific timezone?

You also mention timezone with regards to creating a task. Is the main pain point with having to select a timezone and no default supplied?


Whoops, forgot to include this but check out this doc page

Thank you for getting back to me. When creating a task, the timezone defaults to Pacific time, how can we set it to default to US east time zone?

When I working with dates integration, by default the snap converts all date in Pacific time until I convert it using the Date expression. How can we set snap date to local time by default?

Does this make sense?

The date/time in expressions will pickup the time of where your Snaplex is. If your Snaplex is in PT then it will pickup that time. If you are using a cloudplex, those are in PT so expressions would use PT.

If you are able to manage the deployment of where you Snaplex is, then you could deploy the Snaplex to east coast and then the expressions that you run would have that time.

Does that help clarify the behavior you are seeing?

I would be interested in this as well. For tasks the default is always pacific time (maybe because that’s where SnapLogic cloud servers are?) our ground nodes are are eastern time.

Our snaplex are in EST time, but all pipelines are designed in the cloudplex, thus, all expressions will pick cloudplex time by default. When we’re creating a task, the timezone will default to PT as well, so you have to change it every time . It would be great if there was a configuration per organization to set the default time zone, this way we wouldn’t need to change time zone in expression and task…

@abirenzi Do you have any examples you can share? Which functions are you using?