Allow administrator to set different color or flags per org (dev,stage and prod)


As administrator, I would like to be able to change a theme (color, styling or set a visible flag) per organization (dev, stage and production). The org’s drop-down is not really visible enough. It’s easy to think you’re in dev while you’re in production which could cause issues.

Is this something you could plan to make available in your future releases?

Please let me know if this makes sense or if you need any further information.

Do you imagine the color to be where the name in the dropdown is?

The asks makes sense in that it may generally be hard to distinguish one org from another so is there a more visible/obvious distinction that can be made.

We will take the feedback and have a chat with the team. Thanks!


Thank you for getting back to me. The color could go to the header banner not just the drop down.

Is there any update on this?