Announcing SnapLogic eXtreme

We are happy to announce the launch of SnapLogic eXtreme, our new big data solution, that helps customers obtain more timely insights and value from their managed big data environments. As part of the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud, SnapLogic eXtreme can be used to build and submit powerful Spark transformations through the SnapLogic Designer and connect diverse data sources to cloud-based big data environments. Users can create Apache Spark pipelines with SnapLogic’s ephemeral plex capabilities to process large volumes of data from Amazon S3 and Azure Data Lake Store. The first Spark pipeline that is executed causes the ephemeral Amazon EMR cluster to be initiated. The cluster that is spun-up is based on the configuration specified in the UI. Subsequent pipeline executions reuse the existing cluster. Once all the processing has been completed and the cluster is idle for a period of time, the cluster will be terminated, saving valuable capEx, opEx and reducing the skill set gap.

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