Anyone connect to Amazon MQ succesfully?

I’m trying to test out Amazon MQ and I’m looking for a sample connection account that works. Anyone got one?

Amazon MQ is ActiveMQ, have you tried using the JMS Snap? What have you tried?

Uploaded this jar file referenced here…

In my AmazonMQ console I have these endpoints. so I don’t know which one should be the url(java.naming.provider.url):
It would be great to have a walk through document provided somewhere. As someone that’s only done JMS against IBM MQ(and my admins gave me all the jndi properties, something specific for AmazonMQ would be very helpful

On the SnapLogic JMS account dialog, can you pass the OpenWire URL (ssl:// …) for the JNDI provider URL property?

I don’t know what the connection factory should be.

Can you possibly post a screenshot of a working account and where to get the correct information for each field?

The JMS Snap Pack has not gone through our standard certification process for validating compatibility with Amazon MQ. Can you please reach out to our Support channel ( with an enhancement request for your organization’s Amazon MQ setup to be certified with SnapLogic’s JMS Snap Pack?