Append Today's Date to the CSV file


I’m trying to write a CSV file with at the end of file name. But I’m not able to see the file in destination folder If I have in the expression[“s” + +".csv"]. I can see the new file creating in the destination folder if the expression doesn’t have[“s”].
Can anyone help me in this why it’s not showing?

Are you seeing any error messages when you run the pipeline? If not, this seems like there may be a bug that needs to get fixed.

The function will write out the local date and time in the format YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.SSS. Sometimes colon characters are not allowed in file names, so maybe it’s that? You could try changing the expression to

“s” +":", "_") + ".csv"

Or something similar and try to see if that works.

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Thank you @tlikarish

It’s because of the column. By replacing colon has fixed the issue.