Basic string transformations not working

Hi Team,

I observed that basic string transformations are not working, few of the scenarios have been listed below:

  1. Trimming spaces from the text
  2. Changing the text from uppercase to lowercase and vice-versa

I have used both the mapper and conditional snap however haven’t found any luck to it.

Examples for the above-listed scenario:
(1) Text is Darsh and if I put the transformation to change this to uppercase, it should return DARSH however the end result remains as is

(2) Text is " Darsh", after using trim(), trimLeft(), trimRight(), the expected result should be “Darsh” however the end result doesn’t change.

Any help on this would be highly appreciated.


Hello @darshthakkar,

Just tested quickly on my side, and the stated functions are working as expected.

I’m not sure what can cause this type of behavior.

If you resolve this please let us know about the cause.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Thank you @AleksandarAngelevski for your quick response and testing it out.
I’m unsure why this is happening for me.

It doesn’t work on mapper and conditional snap both. I was on a call with snapLogic support and we tested it out (while on a screenshare) and we observed the failure.

Will keep this thread posted as soon as we are able to resolve the issue and have a RCA.


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Seems like there is an issue with the data coming from upstream systems. I tried with a sample excel file and below is my output:


Both the mapper and conditional snap are working as expected.

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