Being able to validate the Child pipeline and and still reference parameters from Parent?

I have a pipeline that has a pipeline execute snap which has an access token parameter that it passes to the child pipeline. In the child pipeline, I have it set up such that the access token is used in the API snaps as a means for authentication.

I’ve been using Record Replay as the first snap of the child pipeline, so that when I am testing I can easily follow the logic from snap to snap through validating. Currently, I have to manually enter the access token value for the parameter rather than using an underscore (_access_token) (see screenshot below) when I use the API snaps when validating. I have more complex pipelines that use a ton of parameters and can get very confusing, so this is just a small example of what I’ll be trying to do in the future.

Is there any way for the child pipeline to inherit the parent’s parameter values when I’m attempting to validate the child pipeline?

Child pipeline: