Best way to escape special char of html


I would like to escape special HTML characters of a string. e.g. <>,’,",@ etc…

I know i can use ‘replace’ method to replace all of those characters one by one with the encoded ones, but is there any better way to do this in a mapper with expression?

BTW, I tried to use replace like this
.replace(/[&<>"’` !@$%()=+{}[]]/g, function(x){ return ‘&#’ + x.charCodeAt(0) + ‘;’})

but the mapper keeps throwing me errors as it seems the second parameter of the replace method cannot be a function?


Try the following:
.replace(/([&<>"' !@$%()=+{}\[\]])/g, '&#' + '$1'.charCodeAt(0) + ';')
(note: the back-single-quote after "' was removed by the board since I used the preformat option)

The second parameter can be a function, but there’s a bug caused by the regex not having escapes for the square brackets. Del’s version of the regex works:

However, the second parameter is going to replace with the char code for ‘$’ and not the character that matched the regex. The second parameter needs to be an arrow function, like so:

.replace(/([&<>"'` !@$%()=+{}\[\]])/g, x => ‘&#’ + x.charCodeAt(0) + ‘;’)

Hah! @tstack, I was trying to beat you to the best answer and you still schooled me! :slight_smile:

@del I appreciate the effort, keep it up! Of course, it would be even better if we could improve the platform to the point where people didn’t need to ask so many e-lang questions. Any ideas are welcome.

@tstack, I’m not sure the appropriate category, but to avoid hijacking this thread, (in a few minutes) I’ll start a post of ideas in the Enhancement Requests category.

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