Binary Filter

It would be nice if we had the ability to convert the input/output views of the filter snap to binary (similar to mapper), or to have a standalone binary filter snap. This would be useful in situations like reading a zip file when we only want to extract specific files from the zip file. The current options for this are clunky, especially in triggered or ultra task situations.

If you use the binary router, does that not give you the same functionality?

It does, but if you only really need to filter, then you’re left with a hanging branch. In the case of triggered or Ultra pipelines, you likely need to terminate that branch somehow. Just clunky, when it seems like it should be easy to offer a binary filter.

With either of those use cases you should be ensuring that a response happens anyway, you can’t just discard the data in-flow.

Correct, but we almost certainly don’t want the response to come from that errant branch that we didn’t actually need.