Block communication for On - Premises HTTP URL

Hi all,

For the triggered tasks to be executed on Groundplex, Snaplogic provides three sets of auto generated URLs -

  1. Cloud URL
  2. On-premises secure URL (HTTPS)
  3. On-premises URL (HTTP)

As the HTTP URL is also auto generated we want to block the access to this HTTP URL without blocking the HTTP port.

Do we have any OOTB setting available through which this can be achieved.


Could you use the settings jcc.jetty_host for a static FQDN/IP then the port would only listen on that FQDN and block other traffic?

Thanks Mike for your response, can this be done at individual pipeline level as we want to allow HTTP communication for certain interfaces deployed on Groundplex.


Not aware of any global settings but when you create a task just clear out “On Premise URL” field, just delete the http:// URL and that would stop anyone invoking this service via HTTP

Oh ok, if it’s possible to delete the http:// URL let me try that out. Thank you !!

my bad :frowning: I should have double checked, I do not think we let you remove HTTP URL, looks like a feature request to me.

That’s true, the tool auto generates all the three URLs. I think it’s good to have feature even though it’s intended to prevent HTTP communication within firewall.

Thanks again for double checking.