Box Write - Retrieving the resulting File ID

I’m working on developing a pipeline to upload documents to a Box repository. In addition to uploading the documents, I also need to associate metadata within Box. I have been able to accomplish the uploading of documents easily using the Box Write snap. Since metadata updates are not possible through the Box Snaps, I am planning to use the Rest API snap to call the Box API and update the file’s metadata.

Question: how can I get the Box File ID of the file that I upload in the Box Write snap in order to use it in the API call?

There is probably a better way, but if you log into Box and mouse over the file, the File ID shows up in the status bar at the bottom.

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Thanks for the response. My issue is that I need the ID of the file that I have just uploaded via the same Pipeline, therefore I cannot gather the file id manually from the Box site.

Within SnapLogic, you can use the Box Directory Browser Snap to return the contents, which includes the File ID: