Build json body- for POST request

How to build raw POST body using mapper? Need to achieve below

“conditions”: [
“name”: “learningevent_id”,
“operator”: “==”,
“value”: “12345”

I am able to achieve image its missing [ ]

Expression for mapper below

Hi @npise,

You could put sl.ensureArray($requestBody.conditions) in an expression in a Mapper after the one you described, and assign it to the $requestBody.conditions target path.

Alternatively, if you want to achieve everything in one Mapper, you can put sl.ensureArray({}.extend({name:“learningevent_id”, operator:"==",value:$learningevent_id})) in the expression and assign it to the $requestBody.conditions target path.



Thank you so much this worked!!

i was able to achieve that in one input expression
sl.ensureArray({}.extend({name:‘learningevent_id’, operator:"==",value:$learningevent_id}))