Can I read multiple CSV files located in my local drive using Snaplogic?

For example a file present in my G drive - using Multi File Reader or File Poller.

I tried using file:///G:/Snaplogic Sandpit/ in Folder/File - and wanted to use *.csv in wildcard

Try using a directory Browser with your wildcard as .csv, it will list all the files at the given directory, and then use a file reader and CSV parser to read and parse the data

I have all my csv file in D:\file i am trying to read all the files using file pooler snap.
I am getting fallowing error ,can any one help me how to solve this error


In order to read files from your Windows drive, you need to have a Groundplex (on-premises Snaplex) installed on your machine.

Your directory path would need to start with file:///D:/file/

However, this option is not available in our standard free trial.

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