Can SnapLogic connect using Windows Authentication to SQL Server Select snap?

Hi there,
I am trying to connect to SQL Server Select snap during designing a pipeline. It’s giving error saying unable to connect to db even after providing the all required details like host, db, port, etc. However, I have Windows Authentication access to DB and able to access it from MS Server Management Studio. It says, connecting multiple times may lock db account. So not able to proceed further. Please advise.

Basically, I was trying to use Windows Authentication login into SQL Server. I came to know that SnapLogic is allowing only one option i.e. SQL Authentication method to connect to SQL Server. Hence I created explicit user and pass and used. Now it’s working fine. - Thanks

The SQL Server snap pack does support Windows Authentication if you have a Snaplex that runs Windows. See below snippet from our documentation

  • Make sure that Snaplex is running Windows (Linux is not supported).
  • Place the latest version of sqljdbc_auth.dll in $SL_ROOT/ldlib (c:\opt\Snaplogic\ldlib). You can find latest the version of the DLL on the Microsoft SQLServer Server JDBC Driver website.
  • Configure an extra property for JDBC : “Integrated Security” = “true”

This community post is another good resource to refer to for this topic.