Can we deactivate Pipeline executes in a pipeline

I have a parent pipeline which invokes 4 distinct child pipelines one after another. Can I deactivate(or some sort of) first 3 and run only the last one.

In the above pipeline, I want to run only the last one and deactivate first 3, Is that possible by any means?

Use case: We have a complex pipeline which invokes 25 child pipelines one after other. Sometimes, first 12 pipelines run successfully and then 13th pipeline fails. Once I fix the error, I want to run the pipeline from 13th pipeline and don’t want to run the first 12 pipelines. Is this possible?

Please comment/reply if my question is not clear.

I don’t think we have a direct way of doing this right now. Here are a couple of options:

  • Add a Router snap to the parent pipeline that has a normal branch for executing the child pipelines and another branch that skips the children. A Union snap could then be used to join the two branches back together to execute the final child.
  • Create a “do nothing” child pipeline that the PipelineExecute snap can run instead of the normal child pipeline. You would need to set the Pipeline property in the PipelineExecute snap to be an expression that would return the path to either the real child or the do-nothing child.