"Cannot drop here" while trying to put multiple "Router" snaps as "Diff"'s outputs

While trying to arrange several snaps with multiple inputs (e.g. Router) as outputs for a snap with multiple outputs (e.g. Diff), I get the following message and cannot continue.
“Cannot drop here
Drop in another blank area. Snaps cannot be dropped here because they collide with other Snaps.”
Can anyone suggest how to enlarge or rearrange the snaps differently to get the desired effect?

Hi @PiotrLewandowski,

Snap overlapping is not allowed in Snaplogic. It would’ve been very confusing, no? :slight_smile:

You can connect snaps even though they are not next to each other. Place the router where there won’t be any overlapping. Click the male connector of the previous snap, and drag it to the female connector of the router.

Once it turns blue, release and that’s it, your snaps will be distantly connected.

Hope this helps,


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