Cannot open settings of custom snaps

Hi all,

I have a problem with the custom snaps after uploading a snap pack in manager. After building the snap package with Maven, I cannot see the settings tab of any custom snap. The snap is forever loading and not showing the settings tab. I tried using Maven versions 3.8.6 and 3.6.3 and Java versions 11.0.17 and 11.0.12. Please see the picture below. Any help is highly appreciated.

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@ptaylor any suggestions for this? I would really appreciate it.

Hi Emma.

Which version of the Maven archetype did you use to create the project? Please detail the changes you made to the POM file after using the archetype to create it.


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your response.
I used Maven archetype version 2.4 and didn’t make any changes in the POM file.
This is the command I used:

mvn org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-archetype-plugin:2.4:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=

For snap archetype I tried both 4.30 and 4.29 version.

I just tried this myself and it worked for me:

Please private message me the name of the org where you’re seeing this behavior and I’ll see if I can get any more diagnostic info.