How to use CDATA information in the SOAP Execute snap. When I test in SOAPUI tool, it accepts CDATA and the execution is a success. In SL, I am getting the below error:

“Server was unable to process request. —> Error in xml: Data at the root level is invalid. Line 1, position 2.”

I have seen an earlier post on the same topic gone unanswered. Hoping for a response here :slight_smile:
How do we make it work.

The SOAP Execute snap offers a debug view which displays the raw payload of the SOAP request. This is helpful to debug these kinds of problems. It is documented here:

Sharing an example of the SOAP request with CDATA that works in SOAP-UI would be helpful too (remove any sensitive data before posting).

Escaping and transformations can sometimes be a bit tricky with our XML snaps, but there are workarounds oftentimes. But maybe let’s start with the above. :slight_smile: