Change the key to the value of the value of the key of a String For identifying columns


So I have a DataSet that looks like this:
{ Name : testvalue1,
Name : testvalue2

But I want to change the key ‘Name’ into the value it contains: output

{ testvalue1 : testvalue1,
testvalue2 : testvalue2

It’s needed because after that I want to fil all the keys with the right data and do an SQL insert with the Keys as the column names.

Hey @JensDeveloper ,

Try this:

$.mapKeys((v,k)=> v)

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Thank you for your answer.

I See it now. It Works

Hi @bojanvelevski ,

I Have another question about the same scenario but little more difficult.
So the output is this.


        Value: Value1}​​​​​,
        Value: Value2}​​​​​],     

The goal is to change every fieldname to the value of the fieldname like you showed. But this needs to be done for every Dataset. This is to get all the columnames from an SQL Server.

Thank you in advance


I belive something like this should work