Check Incoming data is null

I’m getting data out of LDAP and i nees to route it to two different mappers depending upon whether the incoming data is null or not. But i’m unable to do this… any solution?

Have you tried the Router Snap?

what condition to give i router snap ?

x==null (do if x is null)
x!=null (do if x is NOT null)

BTW there are TWO types of null in snaplogic.

  1. The above, where the field exists and LITERALLY has a value of null
  2. The all too common case of a field that hasn’t be defined because no row joined on an outer condition, or it wasn’t read, etc…

What I spoke of earlier is for the 2nd case I listed above
For case number 2, it would be

!(‘x’ in $)
(‘x’ in $)

So remember, in some cases a field will not be created for a field that does not have a value and, in those cases, you have to check if the field exists.

I also use the router snap and check if a field exists using the .hasOwnProperty() function

I got stuck using what they suggested, but there are a few options. Still the point is that some fields simply aren’t created.

i need to check for entire input stream not for one particular variable in $, like if the $ is null or not

There should always be some all important piece of data, like a key. You can reasonably assume the whole record is null if IT is. What are you trying to do?

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@AdityaReja, some snaps perform no action if there is no input data (i.e. $ == null). You may need to augment your input to trigger the snap as has been explained in this post.