Cloudplex logging to Datadog

We run our development and production environments on a Cloudplex. We would like to send all logs to Datadog. Is there a way we can do this? Is there an integration with Datadog?

I understand that it would be relatively simple to do this on a Cloudplex, but we don’t want to manage the hardware.

Thanks for the question! just so that I understand the ask
a) By “all logs”, are you referring to JCC service logs? JCC service logs are separate from pipeline runtime logs
b) If this data is made available, how are you planning to make use of that data in Datadog? What specific use case you’re trying to address

That said, with Feb 2023 release, we are offering integration with open source tools such as Prometheus for metrics observability. We are considering logs extensibility too in our roadmap and would love your feedback on above questions.

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