Community Update December 2017

As we rapidly head toward the end of the year, I wanted to make you aware of some changes to the Community that are in the progress this month.

Community Access
Users that make up the Community will be changing slightly:

  • Active Customers and partners have had and will continue to have full access to the Community.
  • Prospective Customers and trial customers will be given full access to the Community for a limited amount of time, based on their POC or trial time period. After that point, access will be disabled until such time that the user becomes a customer.

Avatar Icons
Similar to the icon on avatars in posts to indicate SnapLogic Employees, I will be adding the following icons:

  • Prospects will display a refresh icon
    21 AM
  • Trial Users will display a half full hourglass icon
    18 AM
  • Former Community members will display a red X (since we want to keep the information they have posted, but don’t want you to ask questions of someone no longer in the Community)
    36 AM

User Cleanup
Since we have no way of knowing if someone has left your company, I will be messaging each company group to verify their list of users, particularly if they have people that have not logged on in quite awhile.

These changes will be implemented over the month of December as I verify company status and membership. If you believe I have flagged your company as a prospect or trial user in error, or have any other questions either message me directly in the Community or email me at

Diane Miller

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Related to this, because email information is only visible to the individual user and the Community admin, SnapLogic employees have asked if customers would be willing to update their Community profiles to include their company information in their Job Title.

Some have already, some have not and we understand that you may not wish to do so for various reasons, but knowing this would help in escalating to the correct account manager, SE, or other SnapLogic employee if needed.

This is great and nice idea! Also it will be great to have the community has online chat for technical Q/A with online community members.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hope this idea will help to improve more for technical aspects.

There is no Chat feature but you can reach them via private message and add any number of members into that private conversation.

It is not realtime but you do get notifications.

Yeah I understand that.Thanks you!

I am just suggesting as enhancements, In future it will be nice to have online chat / chat-bots that will help for technical related Q/A regarding snap packs, different scenarios with real-time.

A Slack channel perhaps?

Yes like the same. who currently in online.

We are looking at changing our Community platform next year. We’ll see if we have an option for chat or if we can offer another option like Slack