Conditional Execution without open input?

Hi everyone,

i’m wondering whether there is any snap i can use at the beginning of a pipeline to check whether a particular part of it should be executed without the need of an open input.

What i want to do here is check a parameter whether the lower subset of the pipeline should also be executed.

For now i’ve included filters AFTER I list some files and then check the parameter, but i would like to avoid having to run the first two calls entirely. A filter or router won’t let me have no input view.

As context: The lower part prepares sldb files to be pushed to Git, while the upper part prepares pipelines.

The two parts are then unioned into the actual git push:

I’ve thought about using a pipeline execute to somehow remedy the situation, but even then i’ll need an open input view for a filter.

Does someone have a suggestion?

Best regards

Hi @Henchway

Does the conditions in the Filter snaps uses fields from the input stream or uses defined parameters(ex: passed from the parent pipeline or hardcoded pipeline parameters)?

If you are using parameters then you can use JSON Generator Snaps(instead performing calls to list the files) before the Filter Snaps in order to initialize the flow.

Spiro Taleski


Hi @Spiro_Taleski,

they use pipeline parameters.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll give that a try!

Best regards