"Connection Reset" messages on groundplex Windows server hosted on AWS

Is anyone running a SnapLogic groundplex server running Windows hosted on AWS? On my org’s grounplex server hosted on AWS, from time to time, I get a “connection reset” error on a File Reader snap when trying to read from any source (even SLDB) when the pipeline runs on the groundplex. Other times, the pipeline runs fine and the snap doesn’t error out. I’ve tried using “tcp trace” to figure out why the connection reset happens, but I am not able to pinpoint the issue. Note that the error occurs very quickly after I execute the pipeline (within 1-2 seconds), so it’s not an issue of something timing out somewhere. Does anyone have any ideas about how to rectify this problem? Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I’m experiencing the same behavior, but when running Linux hosted on AWS. Did you ever determine the root cause? Any help would be appreciated.

I have not received any responses, sorry. The issue still persists as well.

Disabling HTTP keepalive will help when the Groundplex to control plane connection is not reliable. Add this setting in global.properties and restart JCC process

jcc.jvm_options = -Dhttp.keepAlive=False -Dcom.ning.http.client.AsyncHttpClientConfig.allowPoolingConnection=false -Dcom.ning.http.client.AsyncHttpClientConfig.allowSslConnectionPool=false

If using the slpropz configuration file, add the above setting in Snaplex Global properties section in the Manager, that will initiate a rolling restart of the JCC nodes with the configuration update.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have added this setting to my global.properties file and I have not noticed the error since it has been in place (~ 24 hours).

Fingers crossed that it will be a permanent fix.

Thanks again!

I am now receiving a similar “connection reset” error when trying using a “SQL Server - Stored Procedure” snap. The stored procedure will execute/run for about 50 seconds before receiving the “connection reset” error. It doesn’t happen all the time, but is consistently isolated to only our on-prem groundplex Windows server. We also have another on-prem Windows server that is hosted on AWS, and the “connection reset” is not happening on that server. Any idea how to fix this issue with the “SQL Server - Stored Procedure” snap? Thanks in advance.