Converting List of one item to Object

Hi Team,

Can you please let me know how to convert list of one object to one object.

Thanks in Advance!

Can you give an example of the input data and desired output data?

I’m not sure I understand what you want to do.


Hi @cjhoward18,

I am getting the data from source as below
[{poNumber:12345, poItem:12, changedOn:2019-02-28}]
I wan to convert the data to as below
{poNumber:12345, poItem:12, changedOn:2019-02-28}

I need to remove the object from list.

Thanks and Regards,
Gopi Bekkanti.

if you know it is going to be a fixed sized array of one object you can use a mapper to access the element like this $arrayOfObject[0] then map it to a new variable like $object as the target and you will have pulled out the object from the array.

Alternatively, you can make the list empty by using pop() like $arrayOfObject.pop() and map that to $object