Copy records for particular ID

Hi everyone
Need some suggestion for below implementation.

This is the file which I have to process.I want to copy all the same records for each Id which is mentioned in header ( spring_scale_score , fall_scale_score , winter_scale_score) Like this

This is only the one ID which I have mentioned in screenshot I want to do for all ID’s, Can anyone help me in this solution.
Thanks in advance

Please find the sample pipeline attached. Hope it helps.

Sample_2020_10_19.slp (7.9 KB)

Hey @skatpally

Thanks for looking into this. It work but there is one issue while doing group by field it is not taking all the ids by group because the file contains lots of data. I have uploading one file can you please implement that file in your pipeline. It is showing null values.


I was able to process the file. It didn’t return any null. No issues with Groupby Snap. Can you provide more details.

Thank you so much on looking into this it worked