Could not copy&paste pipeline snaps to another pipeline

Hi Guys,

Do you hit the same problem as described in the subject?

It worked before, but now I kept getting this error message, “Snap is not compatible with this pipeline”


Are you trying between two different types of pipeline, like Standard and Spark?

@bobyin, I see this behavior when trying to copy/paste a snap or group of snaps containing a nested pipeline. I have to deselect the nested pipeline snap, paste the remainder, and then have to drag and configure the nested pipeline into the new area.

@dmiller, I’m not sure if this is intended behavior or a defect, but it’s a great case for an enhancement request.

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You cannot copy a nested pipeline snap. As you may have noticed Nested Pipeline Snap is delicate in its usage. Everytime the child pipeline changes, you have to anyway redrag it from the pipelines cataglog.

So, it obviously does not make sense to copy and paste it to another pipeline canvas area.

When you drag and drop, it creates a snap reference id for that pipeline and the reference is lost whenever you do something with the nested pipeline.

Yes it could be an enhancement request!!

Agreed, a nested pipeline is very delicate in its usage. However, there are a few cases where I have carefully modified the nested pipeline (careful not to impact input and output snaps) that does not require a reintroduction to all the parent pipelines. I learned the delicacy issue the hard way as we have a specific notification pipeline we nest multiple times in over 100 other pipelines (one erroneous modification to the notification pipeline, without a backup, I can’t back out and am frantically busy the whole day reintroducing into the other pipelines!). I obviously need to be careful in my modification/deployment process, or better yet, develop a new snap for this when I get the time.

In any case, aside from the enhancement request, more verbose error notification for the current behavior would be helpful (so I don’t have to keep resolving the issue for each of our developers from time-to-time).

- Del

You should use the Pipeline Execute and strive to replace the nested pipeline snap. You would never have to worry about it.

I am interested to learn why you went that route.

Agreed on your note of enhancement.

The reason we went that route was because re-usable components (ie. nested pipelines which was originally called sub-pipelines) was a bullet point in the SnapLogic sales pitch 3.5 years ago :slight_smile:. Neither the Task Execute nor the Pipeline Execute were available when we were developing our first pipelines, and we never adapted to the new features since the previous became our standard and easy to use. It’s quicker/easier to drag-and-drop a highly-reused nested pipeline with pre-filled parameters, and fill in the few variable parameters, rather than wait for the Pipeline Execute to pull the suggest options, select one of the available pipeline choices, and then specify and fill in all the required parameters.


No, just two pipelines, one is a sub pipeline of another one.

Yes, I did as you said then I can copy/past snaps(exclude nested pipeline). It’s really different from before, I could copy/paste everything.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks, but it did work before. Anyway, as I known how to fix this problem, life is much easier :slight_smile: