Couldn't find SAS Generator Snap in SnapLogic UI

I am trying to generate a SAS Key using JavaScript Snap, but, I could’t able to do it due dependency load issues. So, I went to documentation to see if there is any direct snap to generate SAS Key. I found the following link to generate SAS Key using SAS Generator Snap. But, I couldn’t find the SAS Generator Snap in the Snaplogic UI. Is it registered under different name?

It is within the Binary Snap Pack
Do you know which version of the Binary Snap Pack you have?

It should be in binary7851 or later, which is a patch of the Snap Pack after the 4.18 release.

I opened one of the snaps under binary pack and it’s saying snapsmrc523. I am not sure the version number of snapsmrc523. Can you confirm the version number?

If we are not on the latest binary package, I will contact my org admin to upgrade the binary package to latest version.

That was the 4.18 release version of the Snap Pack. binary7851 was a patch that came later.

Thank you. I will contact my org admin.

We have updated our Org to latest Binary package. But, it looks like, SAS Generator Snap only supports Azure Storage containers or blobs, but not Azure Service Bus. Please find the documentation here Is there any snap that supports Azure Service Bus?

Hi, anyone got a chance to respond?