Count of successful rows from Oracle Merge


I have a requirement to record the successful row count from Oracle Merge Snap. this is to maintain the Data Log table. Is there any way to know the successful rows from Oracle Merge. i saw something in Mapper (snap.out.totalCount).
Please someone can advice on this one


Please someone advice on this one.


finally i achived it using Mapper, Aggregator.


Go to Oracle Marge view and add output view. After that use aggregate snap for count.

Hi @pranil2k2

You can try by opening the error view for Oracle Merge Snap(meaning that all the error rows will be routed in that view). In that way you will isolate the pipeline from failing.

As an output of the Oracle Merge Snap you will get all successful records.

To count the records from output you can use :

  1. snap.out.totalCount - you will get total number of documents that have passed through.
  2. Use Aggregate Snap(function Count) on some unique column(field).


Hi Spiro,

Thanks for the reply.