Create a Task to expose the Pipeline as a REST API which uses No Authentication

Create a Task to expose the Pipeline as a REST API which uses No Authentication. I don’t know what it means can anyone please give clarity on these words please

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Can you please explain the context?


Hi @rajesh_mangipudi

I know how to create task and hit it with url and token but i am not able to hit the url without token but in documentation it shows we have to remove token to make it no Authentication, when i hit it shows error so asking for help to understand these concepts and have doubts on ultra task as well.

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Removing the bearer token from an Ultra task makes it require no authentication. Removing the bearer token from a triggered task makes it use only basic authentication.

Hi @koryknick
I have removed and tried to run the pipeline line using only URL but it throwing the 401 Error. So i am asking is there anything other thing do i need to make it URL work.

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Hello Pradeep. My guess is that you are trying to do this with a Triggered Task. You can only execute triggered tasks using Basic Authentication (username/password) or using a Bearer Token.

Ultra Tasks can be executed by Bearer Token, Basic Authentication, or anonymously if you clear the bearer token value from the Task.

Please refer to the main Tasks Page documentation for a description and comparison of the different types of tasks.

However, you can can use the API Policy Manager feature to create anonymous permissions to execute tasks within a project. You may wish to contact your SnapLogic CSM for pricing and a demo.