CRM Snap Pack - Resolve Incidents (Cases0

Hi Everyone,

Is the Dynamics CRM Snap pack not really used? I can’t seem to find much guidance on how to use it?

We’ve run into an issue where we can’t resolve cases. In the SDK or using the API, we need to execute a close incident request (which involves creating a new instance of the incident resolution and passing it as a parameter to the method). Obviously I know we need to do it slightly differently using Snap, but there doesn’t seem to be any Snaplogic documentation around it. The error I’m getting is

OrganizationServiceFault ErrorCode: -2147220970, Message: This message can not be used to set the state of incident to Closed.  In order to set state of incident to Closed, use the CloseIncidentRequest message instead. 

Is anyone able to offer some guidance? It seems like this crucial part of integrating with CRM is missing.

Hi Chris. I’ll look into this today. Expect another reply from me.

Hi Chris:

Consider this the penultimate follow-up. I’m less familiar with our “Dynamics” snap packs (365 for Sales, CRM, …), and it is not so obvious that the CRM snap pack supports submitting a CloseIncidentRequest. I’ve escalated with some other devs who are more familiar with this.

Hi Chris:

We support Dynamics 365 for Sales. This is a subset of Dynamics Customer Engagement. If we fully supported that, you would be able to invoke the CloseIncidentRequest to close an incident.

Our Dynamics 365 for Sales is the latest version of the CRM snap pack developed on their Rest API (Web API). It should be possible to close an incident with this snap pack.

A couple of other things to note though. We only support the CRM (365 for Sales) ONLINE version for this snap pack. Is your Dynamics instance Online or On Premise?

We also have a Dynamics CRM snap pack which is older and not as up-to-date as 365 for Sales.


Thank you for the responses. I am familiar with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 product family, what with me being a Microsoft Dynamics Developer. I’ve also worked extensively with the Web API, having written my own APIs and console applications that utilize the SDK.

The only operations we have available in our version of the CRM Snap pack are;

MS Dynamics CRM 1


  • Dynamics CRM Create
  • Dynamics CRM Delete
  • Dynamics CRM Read
  • Dynamics CRM Search
  • Dynamics CRM Update
  • Dynamics CRM Upsert

None of these will invoke the CloseIncidentRequest required by the 8.2 version of the CRM Framework.

I’ll speak to our Account Manager at our meeting this afternoon to see where we go from here.