Custom snap Guice error


We are facing the following error with my custom snap. Has anyone faced this error, is this a known issue? My custom snap pack is a simple one with a snap and an account. Seems like the account injection is failing at certain point, a restart resolves the issue for a while and then the issue appears again out of the blue. First I thought it could be because the snap pack were deployed at multiple project, but then we cleaned it up and now snap pack is deployed only on the root shared folder, still we are facing the error. Any clue?

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I’ve been investigating this issue, which has also been recently reported by someone else against a different custom snap pack. I’ve managed to reproduce it using their snap pack in my development environment and am still in the midst of finding a fix or at least a workaround. It might help to have your source code as well if you’re willing to share it with me at

Thanks for your patience on this. It’s a tricky issue for sure.

Thanks @ptaylor. I will share the code shortly.