Custom Snaps not appearing


I have built several snap packs and I’m attempting to deploy them via the UI. The Packs deploy successfully and browsing their content through the UI (manager) shows the individual snaps, however, in the designer the Snap category does not appear. I made sure that I’m working on the same space where the packs are deployed and I’m out of ideas to what might be causing this.

Image of the snap-pack as it is being explored in the Manager:
26 PM

Would love to know if anyone else encountered this and what fix they’ve used.

I presume you tried the steps in the “troubleshooting” section at, but I mention it just in case because I commonly skip over helpful text that I discover at later times.

Thanks for the link. I am familiar with it and I have followed the troubleshooting steps without any success. The fact that the schema is generated is recognized by the UI when viewing the Snappack is what throws me off. It’s there, it’s being recognized but it won’t appear in the UI.

I’m going to try additional troubleshooting on my end, but any further help/guidance is welcome.