Customizing Web Service Status/Error Messages


I have a need to provide a set of custom response codes to a 3rd party app, does anyone have any material/sample they can share in this regard?

Status_code - 200 isn’t enough.




AFAIK custom http response codes are supported only in ULTRA mode i.e. pipelines deployed as ultra tasks ( )

Check out this thread where I have an ultra task that sets custom response headers Ultra Pipeline Functionality

@AdrianH, I have run into similar cases. I think this would be a valuable enhancement request:

To allow the standard pipeline HTTP Response to be overridden by either an “HTTP Response” snap (or ability to create a custom override snap), or the most convenient way would be allowing to set HTTP Response value(s) to the “pipe” object in an array within the Pipeline flow (ex. pipe.HttpResponse.addReplace(‘headerName’,‘headerValue’)).

Pipeline parameters or Pipeline-specific configuration would not work in this case because you need the ability to determine response based on pipeline execution results.

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