Daily Task Metrics

Having a lot of trouble running the public API for getting daily task metrics. https://docs-snaplogic.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/2432598096/Retrieve+Daily+Task+Metrics

It keeps timing out. I’ve increased connections and timeout parms, but can’t get anything back. Anyone else been able to run this successfully? Would love some help in figuring out how to get stats to monitor our environment’s on CPU usage, memory utilization, concurrency limits, etc.

I’m able to use the Pipeline Performance Monitoring API successfully, so i’m quit flummoxed as to why this isn’t working. I am using an account that has org administration privileges. This is the url I’m using, which seems to be formatted per the doc in Confluence. I’ve obfuscated the name of my actual pod here, but it’s the same as the one I’m using tor the pieline monitoring…

https://xxx-cloud.com/api/1/rest/public/runtime/api-stats/” + _org + “/daily?date_time=2022-08-31T00:00:00”