Data in Error View


I need to take the data in the error views into a file. I have mapped csv formatter and a file writer but there is no schema definition in error view. How do I get the failed records mapped into the csv?
I am comparatively new to snaplogic. Any help is much appreciated.


Please check this link, you have details about error handing patters.

Below screen shot, where i have created a simple error scenairo, which writes error to a txt file.


Hope this will help!!

I need rejected data from both the parser and the database. I have done it similarly but I am not getting the data preview option after validation as you have shown in the error link. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Data preview will not show any data in Error View, if there is no Error in Parsing the data/loading in DB in your case.
Since you want to preview Errors for now, one thing you can do is- let’s say there a Not Null Field in DB, then do not map it in the mapper after csv parser. Also check the Execute during preview option in DB. Then records will start showing in the Error View for DB

Please note that all these changes need to be REVERTED later on & best approach would be to use an Error Pipeline framework as suggested by @shankarrao2