Date conversion

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I am having a source csv file which contains the date in the format dd-MON-yyyy ( say for example 01-JAN-2020 ) . I need to convert this data format to the form yyyy-mm-dd ( say 2020-01-01 ) . I have tried using various methods to parse the date but could not achieve the conversion . So I have used the conditional mapping here and the code gets bigger as I need to incorporate 12 months and hard code the values . Please refer below


Is there any optimised way in achieving the above scenario .

Hi Harsha3

Can you please check if the following expression resolves your query?

Date.parse(“01-JAN-2020”, “dd-MMM-yyyy”)

You can place the “01-JAN-2020” with any value from input as following:
Date.parse($Review_Date, “dd-MMM-yyyy”)

Regards, Jovan.

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Hi Jovan,

Excellent it worked . Cheers!

What if “01-Jan-2020”, how do I put the mask?