Delete an asset via API

After retrieving a list of assets a user has created via the log API, I would like to make another API call to delete them.

Is this possible using public or private APIs?

You could build a pipeline that uses the SnapLogic Delete Snap, then create a Triggered task to call it from a URL.

Using SnapLogic to manage SnapLogic assets is not an option for me.

The activity API has to arguments: filter_asset and filter_project but there’s no example usage in the document.

Which values are compatible with those filters?

Per development:
filter_asset: filter activity by an asset’s label
filter_project: filter activity by project’s label

There are some dependencies.
filter_ project also needs filter_project_space
filter_ asset needs filter_project_space and filter_ project

For example:

Outstanding, thank you. I would love to see that included in the API documentation.

My solution will be to query the Activity API for activities in a project/Dir, and use the HTTP DELETE method for anything in the directory before deleting the directory itself.

It’s not ideal, but thankfully I was able to monitor the HTTP traffic in the Management UI and make the same kind of API calls to manage assets.

Thanks again.

I’m having trouble using the HTTP method for deleting ACCOUNT assets because the asset_id is used in the call.

That asset_id is only available in the SnapLogic List snap and not via the API.

Is there another API method or path I can use to delete account assets?