Delete input file in pipeline

I am reading SFTP directory through File Poller and File Reader using scheduled task running every 1 min.
I need to delete input files once processing is complete.
How do I achieve it?


One possible solution can be:

  1. Parent pipeline that will browse all the files from the SFTP location, and will pass the path of each file to child pipeline as pipeline parameter.
  2. Child pipeline that read/process all the files, perform all the logic on the files and then delete
    processed files from the SFTP location using the File Delete Snap(using the path that you’ve sent as a pipeline parameter. Make sure the user/account that you are using have a delete permissions).

Spiro Taleski

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Any examples please.

In my pipeline,
I have a parent pipeline > child pipeline1 > sub-child pipeline 1.
And in parent I am using File Poller and File Reader.
How do I send file name in sub-child-pipeline 1 where there is file delete snap?
fyi @viktor_n


Please see the attached sample pipelines.

It contains only the skeleton, you can add the logic inside per you requirements.

Child_2021_08_09.slp (6.2 KB)
Parent_2021_08_09.slp (3.8 KB)

Spiro Taleski