Deleting a Value in Workday

I have been trying to delete a field on an object in Workday and haven’t found a way. If I’m just writing a SOAP request, I can pass in an empty tag like “< emptytag/>” to delete a value. With SnapLogic, I’m not sure how to achieve that. I have tried setting the value to null, setting it to an empty string, and not passing it in at all. No luck. Any ideas?

I have run into cases with the Workday web services where deleting a field must contain a descriptor value in the tag in order to successfully perform the delete. I have a use case for this, but I’m using the SOAP snap in this particular case instead of the Workday Write snap.

If you’re using Workday Write, I recommend populating the field Descriptor attribute with any non-empty string value. In my SOAP experience, the non-empty text that you use doesn’t matter. You should leave the fields ID type and value out of the mapper.

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Unfortunately, this did not work using the Workday Write snap. I think part of the issue is that I’m trying to delete a date, and I think the descriptor field only applies to objects.

Well, that’s unfortunate. My only other “guess” would be to use the value “{empty}” (with curly braces) for the date field value. This is a method used in Workday EIB templates to delete data. But that may just be something the EIB loader can interpret.

If that doesn’t work, my final suggestion would be to use the SOAP snap for this particular case. For our Workday integrations, we use a combination of SOAP, REST, and/or Workday Snaps - depending on the benefit either brings us for each case.