Deployment of pipelines to different Orgs

Hi Team,

I need to deploy a pipeline to two different Orgs and the account configurations differs for each Org.
I would like to pass the account credentials dynamically to the pipeline but I can see that the accounts for Rest and Soap snap pack does not have a toggle to allow us to access parameters.

Do we have any alternative to achieve this?


Hello Sravanthi,

As per my knowledge, Unfortunately we can’t set the credentials dynamically. we need to set up an account with the credentials manually in different org and in Rest and Soap snaps the account can be toggled. So you can deploy the pipelines to different org and no need to select the accounts in snap manually in other org.

What is the process of migration from one environment to another environment.

You have to go to the manager tab. Open the Project Space where your project is located. When you find the Project you want to migrate you need to click on the arrow next to the project name and select the migrate option. you will have to choose to which environment and which project space in that environment you want to migrate. Once you select that the next window will appear where you need to select what asset you want to migrate (Files, Accounts, Tasks, Pipelines).

If you select the pipeline option all of the pipelines will be migrated to the environment you chose.

NOTE! - You cannot specify individual pipelines for migration using the Migrate option. You will have to use the import and export functionality for a single/multiple pipelines.

Thank you Andrej